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Saturday, November 11th, 2017


Is there a race packet?
No. We think packet pick-up is a waste of your time and gas. You’ll get everything on event day ūüôā

Where is the waiver?
View this guide on a computer to download/print the two page waiver. Waivers will not be available at the event, so you must bring a printed waiver with you. www.mudchallenger.com/guide

Your Start Time:
All start times for this event have remained the same. Please note, due to heat and the safety of participants, the last wave start time for this event is 11am. Check your start time, here.

We strongly suggest you drink a minimum of (5) 16 oz bottles of water the day before your event and an additional bottle or two before the event to thoroughly hydrate your body. Hydration is crucial for endurance events such as this Challenge. Hydrating your body the day of Mud Challenger is too late.

There will be 2 Challenge Checkpoints with water on your course. We suggest that you stop and hydrate and take a moment to rest before continuing with the course. Remember: It’s not a race- it’s a challenge.

Register on event day?
Yes. – A limited number of tickets will be available on event day, while supplies last.

What to wear:
As a Mud Challenger Participant, you can wear whatever you want, as long as you’re appropriately covered and your clothing is not dangerous to you or other guests. We suggest some awesome socks, team shirts, or a costume if you’re really feeling wild. You must wear shoes on the Mud Challenger course at all times. Cleats or shoes with spikes are not permitted.

Bag Drop:

Mud Challenger will provide a Bag Drop area for participants to leave ONE SMALL DRAWSTRING BAG with clothing items. Duffle Bags and Large Backpacks will not be allowed. Just look for the Bag Check Flag after you check-in.

Leave all valuables at home. Do not leave valuables in your bag. You will place your bag wherever you want, and retrieve it too. No re-check will be permitted. All bags are subject to search by Mud Challenger Staff. Mud Challenger is not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged items.


IMPORTANT PARKING NOTICE: Ironically, Tough Mudder has decided to move their event to a location very close to ours on the same event day.  Their traffic will be following the same route at the same time. It is IMPORTANT that you disregard any signage. The best way to get to Mud Challenger is by following the directions links below!!

There will be no on-site parking.
You must park at the shuttle lot.
–¬†Round trip shuttle tickets are¬†included.

–¬†Participant Parking Opens at 8:15am
–¬†Arrive early to avoid shuttle delays.
–¬†Check-in 1 hour before your wave start time.

This Mud Challenger event has no parking on site. Arrive early to avoid traffic & shuttle delays. Parking in undesignated areas or near the event site will result in towing. We are not responsible for damaged vehicles or vehicles that become stuck.

Parking Location:
Bronco Raceway Park
1298 N. Fostoria Rd.
Cleveland, TX 77328
(Directions Linked Below)

– A valid photo ID.
– Your signed waiver.
– Cash for Parking, Food, & Merch
– Sunblock
РBug / Insect Repellent (strongly suggested)
– Old sneakers to donate.

Р$10 cash for Spectator Ticket.
– A valid photo ID.
– Your signed waiver.
–¬†Cash for Parking, Food, & Merch
– Sunblock
РBug / Insect Repellent (strongly suggested)
– Old sneakers to donate.

– A valid photo ID.
– Your signed waiver.
– Sunblock
РBug / Insect Repellent (strongly suggested)
РExtra cash for Food, & Merch
– Old sneakers to donate.

Leave at Home:
РPets are not allowed. (Sorry Toto!)
– Valuables and Jewelry should stay at home.
РOutside food or beverages are not allowed.
РOutside glass bottles are not allowed.
РWeapons and/or firearms are not allowed.
РBicycles, skates, and skateboards are not allowed.

Mud Challenger is a terrain-based challenge. Our #1 goal is to bring you to a natural venue with incredible terrain. We believe in rugged and diverse terrain on one tract- with lakes, streams, vertical topography changes, open fields, forest land, and various types of other natural features. We strive to bring our participants to a natural venue.


All dry-blend shirts at the Mud Challenger Shirt Shack are $20 on event day. At Mud Challenger Houston, we will also feature a limited edition Manifesto Shirt for $25. Shirts are only available on event day!

Don’t leave hungry! The Mud Challenger After-Party will have plenty to feast on. Check out the menu below!

Participants who are part of the Campout Village will receive a special message and guide with details about Camping at Mud Challenger.

Registrations will be allowed on event day while supplies last.

$10 Spectator Tickets available at the event.

Mud Challenger allows Spectators to have access to the Spectator Alley – a 300 yard stretch that allows views of several obstacles and ends at an overlook of the “canyon”.

Spectators should bring:
Р$10 cash for Spectator Ticket.
– A valid photo ID.
– Your signed waiver.
–¬†Cash for Parking, Food, & Merch
– Sunblock
РBug / Insect Repellent (strongly suggested)
– Old sneakers to donate.

You can print your waiver here, or view this guide on a computer.

Print your waiver, by visiting this guide on a computer.

You can print your waiver here, or view this guide on a computer. All guests including: volunteers, spectators, and participants must bring PRINTED COPY of the two-page event waiver for entry. Waivers will not be available at the event, you must bring your own signed copy.

Event Safety & Rules

Notice: All participants and spectators are required to sign a waiver upon check-in. No exceptions.

The following rules and guidelines will be enforced at each Mud Challenger event. Participants and Spectators are expected to abide by all rules and guidelines including written and/or posted rules of Fathom Producers LLC, and the waiver and agreements they have signed. Participants and Spectators must abide by all instruction from Mud Challenger staff, medical personnel, and event volunteers. Participants, Spectators, and Volunteers understand that Mud Challenger events are extreme and dangerous and assume all responsibility for any and all medical expenses incurred as a result of participating in or attending a Mud Challenger event.

Obstacles and course:
By participating at Mud Challenger event, Participants agree that they are the minimum required age. Participants understand that Mud Challenger is an extreme event and accept all inherent risks associated with the event. Participants should bypass an obstacle or request assistance when they feel like they are in a situation that could compromise their safety. Urinating or defecating on or near the course is strictly prohibited, toilets will be located at the Mud Challenger event base. Mud Challenger staff and/or medical personnel reserves the right to remove any participant, spectator, or volunteer from the course for any reason. Mud Challenger medical personnel may examine any participant who appears to be injured.

Inclement weather:
At all times, the Event Director will make all decisions in the event of inclement weather. In the event of rain on event date, the Challenge will continue. In the event of severe weather includ- ing lighting or weather that creates dangerous conditions, the course will be evacuated and race may be delayed for up to 2 hours. If the weather does not clear, in the best interest of safety for all participants and spectators, the Event Director reserves the right to cancel the event. Official updates and chang- es will be posted at www.mudchallenger.com/updates

Photography & Media:
By entering the Mud Challenger event site, Participants, Spectators, and Volunteers or any other persons at the event, agree and allow Mud Challenger to use and/or license others to use my name, photographs, motion pictures, recordings, and/or likenesses of the participant of the event, edited or in original state of capture, for promotions, future productions, and advertising.

Additional Notes:
All participants must be at least 18 years of age (or 14 years of age with parent permission and waiver.) and must be physically able to participate in the event. All participants must clearly display the bib on the front of their body at all times. Fathom Producers / Mud Challenger reserves the right to cancel or delay the event for any reason. All registration fees are nonrefundable under any circumstances.


Event Updates

There are currently no updates or threatening weather for this event. Any and all updates will be posted here. Always check back on event day.

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